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Orc Hunters

Orc HuntersFor Fabi’s outfit details click HERE

For Elliots outfit details click HERE

elfy bubbles

Details for kara’s outfit can be found @ Nobody does it like Karalee


Skin: -Glam Affair- Magenta (aida.ewing)
Hair: [RA] Cercei (candela.kira)
Shirt: [R3] Sona Dress (r3volt.resident)
Boots: [Little Tasta] Tied Boots-Mud Ultra Rare (etana.vella)
Legging: [Teri] Fenri (adira.spingflower)
Belt: PFC Role Belt – Raider (pucca.firecaster) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Shoulder armor: The Forge Elise Pauldron (deccan.arida) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Earing: ! !SSD Gatcha Fae (Sax.Shepherd) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Tiara: .:EMO-tions:. * ELBENSOUL* golden/black (Mirja.Mills) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Rings: The Forge Cluster Ring (deccan.arida)
Quiver: PFC Elven quiver (pucca.firecaster) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Orchead: PFC Troll hunter (pucca.firecaster)
Sword: The Forge Wrath’s Sheath (deccan.arida)

ticket 01


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