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Dude Look...



So for some reason I love to buy beds in SL idk what is up with that… but all I know is that when I saw this bed from PILOT it was coming home with me. Since this bed has a bit of a masculine feel to me I wanted to make a dude bedroom and this is what I came up with.



♥ Building[ba] Industrial loft (Collabor88)

♥ Bed- PILOT – Tufted Leather Bed [Black] (PILOT)

♥ Rug- MudHoney Grafik Rug (MudHoney)

♥ Shelves- {af} Construct Shelving (Apple Fall)

♥ Book Stacks-{what next} Row of Books ({what next})

♥ Lanterns-=Z=Water lantern (Old wood) ( =Zenith=)

♥ Storage Boxes-The Loft – Storage Box Red (The Loft)

♥ Plant-AF Unknown Specimen (Apple Fall)

♥ Figurines-Schadenfreude vouboo sugar skull pack (Schadenfreude)


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