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Hair: Hervé Faenzo BUFFY (Chocolate) (faenzo.resident) @ Collab88
Shirt: ** Lust Corset Croco (ck.winx)
Pants: Yasum Spanish Heat (azlyn.vaher)
Cape: May’s Soul cape (may.tolsen) @ Genre
Sleeves: Yasum Arm Wrap (azlyn.vaher) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Boots: Treads 91-black (ju.weissnicht)
Necklace: ❀Junbug❀ My Sweet Dragonfly Pendant in Gold Aquamarine (juno.mantel) @ The Seraphim Social
Mask/tophat: [ContraptioN] Blood Mask, Standard Issue Top hat (faust.steamer) @ The Seraphim Social
Ring: {me.} Jewelry Mel Rings (melody.dominquez) @ The Body Modification Expo
Clutch: .::Pure Poison::. AnNi Clutch – Black & Gold (shaleene.kenin) @ Limited Bazaar
Wings: [ContraptioN] Junkyard Devil Wings *gunmetal* (faust.steamer)



Top-[R3] -Axel Shirt [v2] (r3volt resident)

Pants-..:::Just CoOl :::.. Leon Hot Pants Black (leon.amorosi)

Boots- [Valiant] Lexington Boots (valiantco resident)

Wings and Mask- [ContraptioN] Junkyard Devil Wings Gun Metal (Rare)/ Masks: The Blood

Goggles-RO – Sandstrorm- Wartorn- (AxsisThorn resident)

Scarf- ISPACHI [Heuston Scarf] (diarmuid. miklos)

Teeth- [CheerNo Teeth.Mod 03 (Cheerno.destiny)



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