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31 Days of Halloween is Coming…

31 Days of Halloween is Coming...

Prepare yourself for the 4th annual 31 Days of Halloween.
cupcake/muffin and myself will be doing the 31 themes and posting our photos.
Though are cutting it back to 13 large scale group pics. 31 was just to much :<
Everyone is free to dress up for all of the days and we encourage it.
Post ANY of your Halloween costumes in the 31 D.O.H. Group

Dress up and pictures start October 1st 2013
Tuesday- 1- noob *Group Photo*
Wednesday- 2- reggae/carribian
Thursday- 3- Japan
Friday- 4- Hippies (wood stock) *Group Photo*
Saturday- 5- Super Heros& Villains *Group Photo* (Wonder Woman/Cakes, Black Cat/kara,)
Sunday- 6- gorean- (Orgy in the tavern setting) *Group Photo*
Monday- 7- Zef style- die antwoord- south Africa
Tuesday- 8- Scooby doo (daphne/kara, Valma/Mel,)
Wednesday- 9- Roman and Egyptians *Group Photo*
Thursday- 10- Disney ” Princesses (snow white/kara, Ariel,cakes)
Friday- 11- star wars (princess leia/kara) *Group Photo*
Saturday-12- elven *Group Photo*
Sunday- 13- human and animal hybrids *Group Photo*
Monday- 14- Wizard of oz ( dorthy/cakes, wicked witch of the west/kara, mel/lion)
Tuesday- 15- Miss Universe
Wednesday- 16- Alice in wonder land (queen of hearts/kara, Alice/cakes)
Thursday- Thursday-17- The Mafia (1920’s- modern???) *Group Photo*
Friday- 18- Rodeo (mel-horse)
Saturday- 19- Old people *Group Photo*
Sunday- 20- kids avis *Group Photo*
Monday- 21- Unicorns
Tuesday- 22- things with wings *Group Photo*
Wednesday- 23- Black and White TV
Thursday- 24- Vampires
Friday- 25- Reality tv stars
Saturday- 26-greek mythology (Medusa-waffles)
Sunday- 27- super famous people *Group Photo*
Monday- 28- goblinz
Tuesday- 29- ghosts
Wednesday- 30- goth
Thursday- 31- Happy Halloween PARTY!!

Click here to see the pictures I did for the past 3 years Kara’s 31 D.O.H. Sets

Click here to see Muffin/Cupcake’s photos Cupcake’s Stream


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