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Silent Warrior..

Silent Warrior..

Thank you Nivanglus Aya!

Bow: LR weapon Yumi Bow (
Swords: LR weapon Masahiro Katana (
Adjunct – Adjunct Churchwarden Style Pipe – Leprechaun (myvegancookbook.Bolissima)
Shape: Custom not for sale
Skin: Thebodyco Hunter 2
Hair: [Taketomi] Chamu_Blacks (Bella.Earst)
Neck Darkener: +Nuuna+ Makeups v12 Male (Nuuna.Nitely)
Face Tattoo: [:Luxe:][ Mark of the Kitsune
Necklace: [MANDALA][MANDALA] Yakushi Jewelry set BLACK (kikunosuke.eel)
Hakama: *Sweetaholic* Men’s Montsuki Hakama (Asalt Eames)

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