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Seriously.. I will kick your teeth in…

Seriously.. I will kick your teeth in...

Jump suit & scraf- !gO! Hunter Girl outfit -Brown- (Gocha Merlin)
Feather belt- *SongF* Corded Feathers skirt wht (songfeather.starr) <— p.s. she is so sweet… just sayin…
Chain head band & ear cuff- .:GSpot:. Extremely Coy Outfit (jalilah.jewell)
Bracers- **DECO Her Nomad Vambrace (dirt)** (GutterBlood Spoonhammer)
Upper leg bracers & Arm cuffs- ::: B@R ::: Mountain Warrior Outfit (Mayflo Smails)
Leather belt- ED Conjurer Brn – Belt [Female] (Bryce Randt)
Hair- booN YNO421 hair blonde (boo Nakamura)
Necklaces- KOSH THE KEY NECKLACE chest -female- & KOSH- SHEPHERD’S GLEN SET -STONE & AMBER- (Lynaja Bade)
Boots- TonkTastic Resistance Boots (Tonk Tomcat)
Goggles- *DL* Kimiko – Goggles (Loki Dancer)
Face & neck paint+Nuuna+ Makeups v13 (tintable) (Nuuna Nitely)
Feather earring- Yasyn Pheasant Feather Earring – R (scripted size+texture)
Hair Feathers- PIDIDDLE – FeatherExtensions – Full Collection (brutus.martinek)

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