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I got what you want.

I got what you want.

[e] Only – Brown 01
[elikatira] by: Elika Tiramisu
Black Leather Collar
The Fallen by:Triad Fallen
Body Suit:
AlmostGone.BrownLeather{.P.D.} 1
PixleDust by: ρumρкin.ωisкee (pumpkin.wiskee) @
The Boobie Show
SW – Armband/Bracelet “Lusia” Wynne
Silent Woods by: Lia (lukrezia.laval)
Muffin Pack:
muffin bag
May’s Soul* by: May Tolsen
Kanda Belt:
Trident Kanda Merchant Belt [F]
T R I D E N T by :Laufey Markstein
::Kookie:: Warmer/ Armarda long / Rust brown
Kookie Mainstore by: Kookie Lemon

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